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Malthus Press, founded by Dale Jensen, was an offshoot of his original poetry magazine, Malthus. In the early 1980’s  Dale, revisiting Toronto where he had gone to graduate school, met such avant-garde Canadian poets as jw curry, Peggy Leffler, and Stuart Ross, and was inspired by the innovative small press magazines there and by the Bay Area small press magazine Inkblot to start Malthus.

Poetry magazine Malthus integrated a lot of the design of the Canadian magazines (which few people in this country were doing) and the underground spirit of Inkblot and featured an eclectic assortment of poetry, ranging from language poetry to neo-formalism to visual poetry to dada to surrealism to genres that probably still don’t have names.

Malthus was designed to run for four issues (which it did, from 1986 to 1989), and end before it burned out, and was continued a few years later with the founding of Malthus Press, which was dedicated to publishing books that carried on the spirit of Malthus.

Malthus Press books range from graphic novels (for childish adults) to narrative haiku to the surreal to jaunts through literary history to the manifestations of thought patterns that don’t have names yet.  Malthus Press doesn’t publish a vast number of books, but tries to stay true to the spirit of surprise, innovation, and joy.

People wishing to contact Dale can e-mail Malthus Press.


Titles and Authors

Zyyxx, Anatoly
Na Groczki

Bishop, Betty
Flaubert’s Introduction to Art (A Book for Childish Adults)

Masten, Chuck
Plain Brown Wrapper

Cuneo, Louis
The Sensation Shop

Cuneo, Louis

Cuneo, Louis
Hippie Hill

DiMichele, Bill

Jensen, Dale
Twisted History

Cohn, Dixi
Dixi In His Cups

Jensen, Dale

Cuneo, Louis
Sherman’s Story

Wells, Judy
Little Lulu Talks with Vincent Van Gogh