Muchos Somos Series

The Troubles
She Can't Be Beat
Fifty Cantos from the land of Nod

















Muchos Somos Series, founded in 1971 by Louis Cuneo, specializes in quality poetry chap books by Bay Area poets. First to publish Jack Foley, the Series has also published other poets who have later gained international reputations.

Muchos Somos is a series designed for the first time author. Its purpose is to help them join with other authors in order to break into the world of published poetry. The poets are given help producing their books and are taught how to publish and market them.


Titles and Authors

Cuneo, Louis
Passing Moments;
Voices and People Forgotten

Cuneo, Pablo
Bronca Stooler Boo Boo Boo

Curl, John
Decade: The 1990s

Day, Lucille Lang
Fire in the Garden

Eliot, Carol
Maybe People Like Diamonds

Foley, Jack
Lights/Letters - Words for Adele

Gibral-Tarik, Roberto
ONE IN A MILLION: Messages from the Million Man March

Hofstadter, Marc Elihu
House of Peace

Hones, Karen Lee
Behind Dark Glasses

Jensen, Dale
The Troubles

Kelly, Michael
Light Blooms

Lambrev, Garrett
Wheatberry Fantasies

Marrow, Starr
From One Side to the Other

Massey Jr., Edwin
Old Man Klute 'n the Pear Tree;
Fifty Cantos from the Land of Nod;
Crazy Times, Crazy People

Moe, H.D.
Musical Trees;
Jazz Pajamas

Moreland, C.K.
Sidewalk Diving

Mycue, Edward

Norse, Harold
I See America Daily

Ross, Tom
Gurgle Of Little Feet

Rudge, Mary
Going To China and Other Places;
Beat, She Can't Be Beat

Sequeira, Juan
Marimba Dreams

States, Mark

Valaoritis, Katerina
The Eyes of the Panther

Wells, Judy
The Callings: 20th Century Women Artist